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[aspectj-users] RuntimeException: cannot register non aspect?

Hi to everyone,

I'm working on a Eclipse RCP application and I obviously am using
aspects in my software. So, I setup a special bundle containing the
aspects and the aop.xml (in the META-INF folder). The weaving is
performed by the functionality provided by Equinox Aspects bundle.

That means I have,

client bundle : containing classes that are to be woven
aspect bundle : containing aspects and aop.xml

As long as I'm using Eclipse to start and run my application,
everything is fine. But today I tried to export the software and I
discovered this exception stack trace in the Console.

8/19/09 3:58:50 PM [0x0-0xd80d8].org.eclipse.eclipse[2546]
java.lang.RuntimeException: Cannot register non aspect:
client$aspects$ThreadSafeExecutor , client.aspects.ThreadSafeExecutor
8/19/09 3:58:50 PM [0x0-0xd80d8].org.eclipse.eclipse[2546]  at
8/19/09 3:58:50 PM [0x0-0xd80d8].org.eclipse.eclipse[2546]  at
8/19/09 3:58:50 PM [0x0-0xd80d8].org.eclipse.eclipse[2546]  at

The software is being deployed with all the needed bundles and
dependencies and I also checked that the aspects are being included in
the binary build of the bundle.

Has anybody a clue about my problem?