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[aspectj-users] pointcut clash (?)

I'm getting into troubles with an aspect that should drive a lazy loader for 
complex data types:

 pointcut lazyLoaderRequired( LazyLoading loadingProperties, FilteredLoader 
mySelf ) : 
	                              get( @LazyLoading 
Collection<StatefullDatabaseObject+>+ StatefullDatabaseObject+.* )		
	                              get( @LazyLoading Map<SerializableObject+, 
DatabaseObject+>+ SerializableObject+.* )	
	                              get( @LazyLoading Map<SerializableObject+, 
StatelessDatabaseObject+>+ SerializableObject+.* )	
	                            @annotation( loadingProperties )								
	                            this( mySelf )										
	                            (! execution( public void 
FilteredLoader.loadFilteredData(Class) ) )			
	                            (! cflow(adviceexecution()) )

the above pointcut intercepts get calls and evaluates if the lazy loading 
should happen (or not, if it has been already performed):

before( LazyLoading loadingProperties, FilteredLoader mySelf) : 
lazyLoaderRequired( loadingProperties, mySelf)  {
	// perform standard lazy loading
	this.performLazyLoading(loadingProperties, mySelf, false);

Now I've got situations where I want lazy loading to be disabled, so I wrote 
another pointcut that partially override the above one:

 pointcut lazyLoaderForced( LazyLoading loadingProperties, FilteredLoader 
mySelf) : 
				cflow( lazyLoaderRequired( loadingProperties, mySelf) )
				execution( public boolean DatabaseDialog+.perform*() throws 
DatabaseException )
				withincode( public JComboBox QueryElements.*(..) )
				execution( * DatabaseDialog+.*(..) )

and defined another advice that should be triggered by the above pointcut:

before( LazyLoading loadingProperties, FilteredLoader mySelf ): 
lazyLoaderForced( loadingProperties, mySelf)  {
	// perform forced lazy loading
	this.performLazyLoading(loadingProperties, mySelf, true);

Now what should happen is that a method of QueryElements is adviced by the 
lazy loader required pointcut, and eclipse confirms this. However, what happen 
observing the running code is that the lazyLoaderRequired pointcut is always 
triggered. I suspect this is due to the fact that two pointcuts are 
overlapping, but I've tried also to isolate the statements of a lazy loading 
required but the program always executes the required pointcut/advice.

Any idea about the problem?