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[aspectj-users] Load Time Weaving in Eclipse

Hi all,
I am trying to test Load TIme Weaving with the AJDT Eclipse plugin. (I could make it work out of Eclipse and I could make normal weaving in Eclipse)
What I have is
1) a Java Project with a Java application
2) an AspectJ Project which has an aspect which would intercept a method execution in the Java application.
3) An aop.xml file defining the available aspects in the AspectJ Project and in a WEB-INF directory in the Java project .
The aspect has been weaved with ajc AspectName.java -outxml -outjar aspectName.jar
In the Java Project VM arguments I have added -javaagent:C:\aspectj1.6\lib\aspectjweaver.jar -classpath "PATHTOJAVAPROJECT\src;  PATHTOASPECTPROJECT\AspectName.jar; C:\aspectj1.6\lib\aspectjweaver.jar"
The project runs properly but the aspect is not taken into account.
Any help is welcomed,
thanks a lot,