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RE: [aspectj-users] Survey: Using AspectJ in production code


	Company Name (to exclude duplicate responses):
Cambridge Cognition Ltd

	Load Time Weaving or Compile Time weaving (LTW or CTW):
LTW during development (when developing in IDEA - company standard
IDE... at the moment), CTW when developing in Eclipse.
CTW using <iajc> ant task for production build under TeamCity

	AspectJ or Spring AOP:

	Use in production code (yes / no):
Yes - as with AJDT, we weave into some existing code that may change.  I
hope to be able to present a paper somewhere on how AspectJ has helped

	Use in test or internal code (yes / no):
Yes - bloody useful for prototyping, especially when we found iText and
Substance UI clashing, and were able to squash an exception that
shouldn't have been happening.

Good luck.  We wouldn't have been able to meet our timescales without
using AspectJ.  We'd have had to refactor a huge amount of someone
else's code to separate out biz logic from their UI.  Instead, we've
suppressed their UI and created a clean interface using AspectJ.



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