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RE: [aspectj-users] How can I intercept every callto EntityManager.<somemethod>(arg)

hi and thanks for the fast replay 

I simple want to capture every instance in my code that that 
Looks like for example  : 
q = entityManager.createNamedQuery(Query);
q = entityManager.createNativeQuery(Query,Class);
q = entityManager.find(vo);

I need to change the argument values of the methods 

But im getting warning that says: 
no match for this type name: EntityManager
[Xlint:invalidAbsoluteTypeName]-advice defined in 
com.infrastructure.security.AspectSecurity has not 
	 been applied [Xlint:adviceDidNotMatch]

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I don't know if I understood what you meant but.. does the following
help you?

before() :
execution(* EntityManager.*(..)) {
// ...


Paulo Zenida

Meir Yanovich wrote:
> Hello all
> Im trying hard to find pattern to intercept every instance in my code 
> Inside methods that is looks like this: 
> EntityManager.<some_kind_of_method>(arg(
> I need to change the arg in this method and insert new one based on
> checks 
> Thanks allot
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