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Re: [aspectj-users] Modified classes of the Jar files in Inpath (which shouldn't be modified)

some of these questions aren't really appropriate for the users list
(better on dev)... but anyway:

So there still remains some questions for me:
1. Why does Jad create the same java files when they are decompiled?
Jad doesn't show you the attributes, which is what these all are.

2. Why are these instructions added even though this class is not advised by
my aspect?
attributes are added to files touched by the weaver - you are correct
this file is being touched because the aspect refers to it, however
I've just modified the compiler so that in your case this will no
longer happen (it doesnt need to in this case).

3. What is the LineNumberTable thing for? (curious)
Some code coverage tools can't cope when line number tables are not
included for methods.  However, depending on what these are attached
to (you didnt say... empty methods?), we may have a 'bug' with putting
them in too many places.

4. What is the binary stuff at the top? (curious)
weaverversion is ..... the version of the weaver that touched the
type, exists for supporting backwards compatibility.
weaverstate is ... the state of the weaver at the time this file was
touched (ie. what aspects caused it to be touched, etc).

5. Is it possible to stop this class from being modified,
yes, done - will be in next dev build.