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[aspectj-users] [Ann] IntelliJ IDEA plugin for AspectJ weaving

I have started converting my plugin that does AspectWerkz weaving inside IntelliJ IDEA to work with AspectJ.

So far, the scope of the plugin is very limited. It can weave re-compiled classes with precompiled aspects. It *does not* (yet) support compiling AspectJ syntax aspect inside IntelliJ. Although it does support annotation based and pre-compiled (JARed) aspects. Now that it is working for my minimal test project, I am making it available to the public. Those of you that use IntelliJ IDEA, please have a try, and report problems to me.

See http://intellij.expertsystems.se/aspectj.html for more info.

If (or when...) you run into problems, add this to the bottom of your $IDEA_HOME/bin/log.xml to get more thorough logging.

  <category name="se.expertsystem">
    <priority value="DEBUG"/>
    <appender-ref ref="FILE"/>

Personally I am new to AspectJ (still using AspectWerkz), but hopefully I can get this plugin running with some help from you.