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Re: [aspectj-users] @DeclareParents problems

I need to add one thing to this. Before I started down the road of implementing this using @AspectJ annotation, I had already done it in the old syntax. The boss, in retrospect, changed our implementation style. So I had to rewrite it using annotations. I like the annotations so I did not complain too much about having to rewrite working code. But that is the thing. That Spring interface worked using the old AspectJ notation.

That being said, I am hoping that I can still find a way for this to work. But if it works in the old notation and not the new (annotation), it is starting to look like something is askew. Of course, there is still lots of room for that to be on my side.



On 3/27/06, Scott <aspectj-users@xxxxxxxxxxx > wrote:
I moved the working classes into packages. That still works.

I played around some more with the real application code that was not working. It appears that it is the Spring interface I am trying to implement is related to the problem. I replaced it with a home grown interface and changed everything to use it. THAT WORKED!!!???

When I change only the interface to the Spring interface, it kills the application. Now I must say I am even more at a loss than I was before. Why would that interface cause a problem? The web app has the Spring jar that contains the interface. Everything compiles.

Any ideas? I will keep playing...

And many thanks for the help you have given so far. It has helped lead me to what I know so far.



On 3/27/06, Andy Clement < andrew.clement@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 27/03/06, Scott < aspectj-users@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Yes. The working case is in the default package. I could move the classes into packages to see if that changes things.

If you can try your classes in a package other than the default ... that may change things... 

Also, to make this more clear than my first email. AJDT appears to be working. It is the one in the Ant build (therefore, my code...) that is not working. I have replaced those jars with both the latest from the download site and with jars from my local machine (the ones that work). Still no go.

I am becoming more certain that it is some issue with the version that I am using, but I cannot find how to fix it. I appears that AJDT is working fine and well.

ANT uses the aspectjtools.jar from a standard install of AspectJ.  You won't be able to hack in the jars from an AJDT directly as ajde.jar+aspectjweaver.jar are not the same as aspectjtools.jar since some dependencies will be missing.  If you put the AJDT ajde.jar then the AJDT aspectjweaver.jar then the AspectJ aspectjtools.jar in that order on your ANT classpath...  but as AspectJ is more recent than AJDT and no fixes have gone in for DeclareParents, they should be functionally equivalent in that area.

But first, before messing around with those paths, I'd recommend trying your AJDT scenario with the types in a package other than the default.

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