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Re: [aspectj-users] load-time weaving issue


- Have you used Runtime retention (http://www.eclipse.org/aspectj/doc/released/adk15notebook/annotations-pointcuts-and-advice.html#runtime-type-matching-and-context-exposure)?
- Could you use -verbose and/or -showWeaveInfor and post the results
- It might be helpful to include some source code rather than just a description


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Subject:        [aspectj-users] load-time weaving issue

While I sleep on this, I'm wondering if anyone has seen an issue where
AspectJ is incompletely weaving classes when using load-time weaving...

I have three annotations @A, @B, and @C.  I have three @Aspects
(AAspect, BAspect, and CAspect) that each utilize @DeclareParents to add
interfaces/implementations to annotated classes.  Here's what happens
when I annotate the same class as follows:

@A --> gets ifc/impl from AAspect, as expected
@B @C -> gets ifcs/impls from BAspect, CAspect, as expected
@A @B -> gets only ifc/impl from BAspect (what happened to @A?!)
@A @C -> gets only ifc/impl from CAspect (again, what happened to @A?)

Also, is it expected that, regardless of the combinations I use,
MyClass.class.getAnnotations() returns nothing (that is, an empty array)?
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