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[aspectj-users] Webapp development and AJ


I am currently involved in developping some web app. Our system
contains a few aspects, written using the "classical" approach. We are
using as dev IDE: Eclipse and we set up thins quite nicely.
Unfortunately we are facing a problem with redeployments: AJ triggers
a build each  time we rebuild the project (even if we set the
incremental flag) and this forces in way to many cases the server

I would like to here what can be improved, so that we will need to
restart servers only in case of impossible hot deployment (which I
agree happens also quite a lot).

Some more details:
- some of the aspects are core aspects
- the aspects cannot be packages with the weaved classes in a jar,
because we are modifying/developping in those packages too

Please let me know if I can offer any other details. I really hope
there is a better approach to this issue (maybe LTW?).

many thanks in advance to any hints, ideas, help,

.w( the_mindstorm )p.