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RE: [aspectj-users] Webapp development and AJ

It is funny you post this as I have similar problem.  I was just in the process of typing up an email on the subject.  In my case, not only does Hot Deploy not work, the build at times causes my Eclipse to crash all together.
As with your project, my aspects are "traditional" in the sense that I build them at compile time.  
My setup is as follows:  I have Eclipse 3.1.1, MyEclipse 4.1.0 and AJDT 1.30.  I have a My Eclipse Web project with both Source & JSP's in it.  In addition to source, I have 1 Jar that I have on the InPath as well for byte code weaving.  I am using JBoss as the app server.
I would be happy to provide more details if necessary.


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Subject: [aspectj-users] Webapp development and AJ


I am currently involved in developping some web app. Our system
contains a few aspects, written using the "classical" approach. We are
using as dev IDE: Eclipse and we set up thins quite nicely.
Unfortunately we are facing a problem with redeployments: AJ triggers
a build each  time we rebuild the project (even if we set the
incremental flag) and this forces in way to many cases the server

I would like to here what can be improved, so that we will need to
restart servers only in case of impossible hot deployment (which I
agree happens also quite a lot).

Some more details:
- some of the aspects are core aspects
- the aspects cannot be packages with the weaved classes in a jar,
because we are modifying/developping in those packages too

Please let me know if I can offer any other details. I really hope
there is a better approach to this issue (maybe LTW?).

many thanks in advance to any hints, ideas, help,

.w( the_mindstorm )p.
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