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Re: [aspectj-users] advising JSP's

       Thanks Ron. My gmail client sometimes does not receive my posts. So I sent a duplicate.
       Are you intercepting the tags before the servlets are generated ? In my case there is no
securityexception. The html control either appears or not based on the role.

On 2/13/06, Ron Bodkin <rbodkin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Mohan,


I'm assuming you are hoping to replace the use of JSP tags here. I've prototyped doing this kind of field-level security. When I did it, I did it based on the content being produced, with a strategy like this: look for tags that indicate the start & end of a UI control, buffer input while reading a control, if a security exception appears mark this control as "not present".


I think it would be hard to do this based on the calls to writing to a stream, typically it's the markup content that matters here.


p.s. I received both of your emails


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     I have several JSP's that display certain fields based on the role of the login user. So I use tags like this


<logic:notPresent role="admin">


I want to isolate this concern and weave it into the servlets generated from the JSP's.  But I found that the generated servlets are pretty complex.

How do you handle this type of weaving ? Appreciate any suggestions.




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