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Re: [aspectj-users] aspectJ & code assist in eclipse

Hi Yenny,

Code assist is usually where you press Control and Space together to
see the possible completions. Auto-activation is the feature where the
completions appear automatically a short time after typing a ".". What
exactly is the behaviour you are looking for? The AspectJ editor is
designed to behave like the Java editor, but note there is an open bug
for this auto-activation feature:



On 09/11/05, Yenny Rusli <yerusli@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> A very dumb question but I have been spending time in
> figuring it out:
> How do you turn on/off code assist in eclipse?
> When I am doing a regular Java programming, I want the
> javadoc to give me suggestions of available methods
> everytime I put a "." after an object.
> ex: String str = new String("abc);
>     str. ... (when I type in the "." I want the list
> of methods corresponding to the String class to
> appear).
> When I am doing AspectJ, I want this feature to be
> disabled.
> I disabled this feature a while back and now I can't
> seem to turn it on.
> I tried to modify the code assist section of Window ->
> Preferences -> Editor -> Code Assist to no avail.
> Any input will be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks!
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