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[aspectj-users] No aspectjtools.jar

I am trying to build my project using Ant.

However in both the on-line help in Eclipse and in the book "eclipse
AspectJ" refer to defining a taskdef resource
(aspectjTaskDefs.properties) located in aspectjtools.jar.

I am using Eclipse 3.1M5a ,and ajdt 1.2.0, ajde 1.5.0 - both
20041214165937 builds.  Unfortunately this file (aspectjtools.jar) does
not exist in the eclipse/plugins/org.aspectj.ajde_1.5.0.20041214165937
directory, as per "eclipse AspectJ" book.  Nor does it exist in the
20050331181000 build.

In fact aspectjtools.jar does not exist ANYWHERE on my hard disk.

Why oh Why does the AJDT download not include this important file?

Do I need to download AspectJ separately every time I download AJDT just
to get my project to build with Ant?



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