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Re: [aspectj-users] AJDT and inpath

Alfonso Olias Sanz <aolias@xxxxxxxx> wrote on 21/09/2004 08:11:39:
> At the end it has worked, but it is kind of weird for me, may be it is a 

> bug or not. But what I did, was to include the generated jar file as 
> "Add external jar",  and the compiler didn generate any output message.

Aha, you have indeed hit a bug. I tried the same on Linux, and external 
jar entry didn't work, but the workspace jar did. There must be some 
pathname problem with the external jar. I've raised bug 74401 for this, it 
should be fixed in the next release.



Matt Chapman, mchapman@xxxxxxxxxx
AJDT Development, http://www.eclipse.org/ajdt