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[aspectj-users] Trace StackOverflowError with AspectJ?

We currently experience a StackOverflowError in our Entity Bean package
(using Weblogic). The error so far has been very elusive and I believe that
AspectJ might bring me closer to why and where the error actually occurs.
Now since I'm totally new to AOP and AspectJ I'd like to ask you for your
help. The questions that come to my mind are

* What would be a good approach using AspectJ to declare an advice for every
call in our Entity Bean Package (e.g. com.mycompany.model.*) which gets
executed right after a StackOverflowError gets thrown? Can I use an after()
advice and make it dependent on a StackOverflowError or is the around()
advice better which then would wrap the actual call in a
try{...}catch(StackOverflowError e) {...}. 

* I couldn't find any good AspectJ examples that use error handling. Can you
mail me some examples or maybe point me to some? 

* The Entity Beans are package in a jar which then in turn gets packaged
into an ear. Are there any classloader issues I should be aware of? Can I
put aspectjrt.jar in the global classpath or do I need to package
aspectjrt.jar into the ear? 

Your help is greatly appreciated.