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[aspectj-users] Why this implementation ?


I'm using an around advice and decompiled the code. Then I get the following:

public String createCustomer(String s, String s1, String s2, String s3, String s4, String s5, String s6,
String s7, String s8) throws InvalidParameterException {
String s9 = s;
String s10 = s1;
String s11 = s2;
String s12 = s3;
String s13 = s4;
String s14 = s5;
String s15 = s6;
String s16 = s7;
String s17 = s8;
if (BasicDukeEJBTimeAspect.hasAspect(this)) {
return (String)createCustomer_aroundBody3$advice(this, s9, s10, s11, s12, s13, s14, s15, s16, s17, BasicDukeEJBTimeAspect.aspectOf(this), null, ajc$tjp_1);
} else {
return createCustomer_aroundBody2(this, s9, s10, s11, s12, s13, s14, s15, s16, s17);

Does anybody know why s10 - s17 are used here? I think its just overhead.

Michael Dempfle