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Re: [aspectj-dev] LocalVariableTable

It looks ok to me when checking with JBE. Is there any other way to check?

This is the code:
before() : everything() && scopeBefore() {
   log("before", thisJoinPoint);

in the LocalVariableTable I have two entries:
this and thisJoinpoint both start at pc 6. I there anything else to check?

I am still with AJ 165, was there anything fixed since then in that area?

-----Original Message----- From: Andy Clement
Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2011 10:43 PM
To: AspectJ developer discussions
Subject: Re: [aspectj-dev] LocalVariableTable

Could be an issue with the local variable table.  Does it look valid
to you? i.e. what is the method that is having trouble, what class is
it in, what does the local variable table look like for that method?

I remember a bug from a while back where some of the methods generated
for around advice had unhelpful local variable table entries but that
was addressed.  You haven't mentioned which AspectJ you are using, I
assume 1.6.11 or later...

If the local variable table looks funky, please raise a bug.


2011/8/3 Yoav A. <yoav_@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

I am trying to write code over JDU that attempts to debug AJ code.
At some point when examining a stack frame inside an advice, I am trying to
get a mirror to the ‘this’ object using StackFrame.thisObject(). I get an
Exception in thread "active event system driver"
com.sun.jdi.InternalException: Unexpected JDWP Error: 35
at com.sun.tools.jdi.JDWPException.toJDIException(JDWPException.java:47)
at com.sun.tools.jdi.StackFrameImpl.thisObject(StackFrameImpl.java:127)

Searching for this message leads to this old bug:

could there be such a problem with ajc?

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