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[aspectj-dev] Fwd: metacomments and aspectj - need suggestion

Hello. I'm doing my first step research in AspectJ because I am thinking that one feature in it will help me in my big research project. I want to try to extend aspectj language to process my  special  comments (non-java doc, just single-line or multi-line user comments) in java files with aspectj weaving. In my idea It will be as:
in aj file (added new word 'comment')

pointcut point(String s) : comment(s);

long before(String s) : point(s) {

System.out.println(s) ;



in java file

System.out.println("start") ;

//comment here

System.out.println("stop") ;


and sample result



comment here


I am thinking that instruction to process comment will be inserting between code line before comment and code line after comment

It is possible to realize by myself and where can i find the develper documentation? (And what shall I do to patch existing code (I've downloaded AJT source to my Eclipse, built and tried to debug this - but I'm lost my way) ?

С уважением, Старолетов Сергей