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[aspectj-dev] Packaging AspectJ 1.5.3 for Gentoo Linux


I am trying to build AspectJ from source as I want to package it for Gentoo. The Gentoo packaging philosophy is that everyhting must be built from source, and dependencies should be taken from the system.

I checked out AspectJ 1.5.3 source from the Eclipse.org CVS server. So far so good. But my first problem is that I noticed that the AspectJ distribution ships a .jar of Apache BCEL, required for building. This JAR file differs from the vanilla JAR file that we produce under Gentoo, because the hierarchy in the bundled jar is org.aspectj.apache.* whereas in the vanilla distribution it's apache.org.*

So the compilation fails. Did you actually modified the BCEL jar? And why??

I would appreciate help for this packaging. Also I notified that build.jar is required. Is it absolutely required for bootstrapping or is there a way to build it from source, then use it to build the remainder of AspectJ?