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Re: [aspectj-dev] AJ 5 @AJ and aspectOf

Since Wes seems to be suprised by my first post let me explain some

- APT = Annotation Processor Tool = see Java 5 doc, I am expect
aspectj-dev are familiar with most of the concepts around Java 5 (be
it semantics or tools around, like APT)

- @AJ aspect = I assume ones has read the AspectJ 5 developper
notebook. The @AJ aspect is the code name for the annotation style

- I usually use "*" (star) to emphasys on something like *that*, since
I don't write html emails and uses Bold style.

- we may do code gen if we need to do it. That s why I am discussing
that on the aspectj-dev. Raise your hand / ask question if you think
that s odd.
APT can actually be used for much more f.e. pointcut syntax checking
for @AJ aspect f.e.
It s is good to think about what we can do with it, especially as
regards @AJ aspects.

- the user benefit is as I describe: be able to use the aspectOf() API
with its @AJ aspect without requiring him to compile them with ajc and
further use them as a binary form (in which there is the aspectOf()

Wes, I had no previous private discussion on that, and precisely wants
to start the discussion. Let me know if there is a better place for
this kind of discussion.


On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 08:07:48 -0800, Wes Isberg <wes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> E.g., what is "APT"? "@AJ aspect"?  Why '*' in "Aspect*s*."?
> Since when do we do "source gen"?  And what's the user benefit?
> Wes
> > ------------Original Message------------
> > From: Alexandre Vasseur <avasseur@xxxxxxxxx>
> > To: aspectj-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
> > Date: Tue, Mar-22-2005 7:31 AM
> > Subject: [aspectj-dev] AJ 5 @AJ and aspectOf
> >
> > I have started to have a look at APT.
> > This one could easily be used to handle aspectOf() for @AJ aspect.
> >
> > Right now aspectOf is introduced to the @AJ aspect (compile time with
> > ajc or LTW), and the user can use an API like
> > Aspect*s*.aspectOf(MyAspect.class)
> > Aspect*s*.aspectOf(MyAspect.class, Object perX instance)
> > etc that behaves reflectively
> >
> > APT could be used to generated (source gen) for each @AJ aspect
> > MyAspect a class
> > MyAspectFactory that contains the static aspectOf method and binding /
> > unbinding methods.
> > The user could then easily invoke MyAspect MyAspectFactory.aspectOf()
> > in his code, without any performance drawback, without beeing required
> > to expose its aspect to LTW or ajc compilation and use them as binary
> > form.
> >
> > thoughts ?
> > Alex
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