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Re: maven, or not - was Re: [aspectj-dev] still here re 1.5 varargs

MevenIDE from codehaus provides seemless integration between eclipse and
maven...it even has a maven task for creating your eclipse project and a one
click 'maven synchronize' that syncs .classpath --> maven dependencies or the
other way around...it's pretty cool.

We used to run our projects at work the same way (eclipse + ant)...of course,
our software is in no way as complex as aspectj...but we took the leap to maven
and have never looked back.

Bit of a lack of doco on the maven project, but their working on that.  But
definitely check out http://mevenide.codehaus.org/

Quoting Wes Isberg <wes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Hi -
> > On a side note, you guys really need to take a look at maven.  
> We did.  We like Maven, but (at the time?) it didn't fit our need to
> do both Ant- and Eclipse-based builds without having to update Ant
> scripts when project dependencies change.  If you look at our build
> module, it uses the Eclipse .classpath files to manage dependencies.
> (This has been so useful, I'm surprised it hasn't surfaced in Maven
> or elsewhere; I gave up after trying to upgrade maven scripts.)
> Wes
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