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[aspectj-dev] inner method calls

Hi all,

I am new to AspectJ and I have an question about it.
I got an aspect like

public aspect TestAspect
	pointcut pe(): call(static * sourceforge.gpe.engine.PluginEngine.*(..));
	before() : pe()
		System.out.println("PE !!!!!!");


The class PluginEngine contains some static methods
like start(java.util.List) loadPlugin(URL url) and shutdown().

When I call from a class PluginEngine.start() the text is printed to the console, also when I call another method on PluginEngine.
The start method calls other static methods in PluginEngine.
when the method start called text is printed out to the console before the start method is entered but noting no text is printed out before other methods are entered that are called by the start method.

What I am doing wrong ?

Best regards,