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Re: [aspectj-dev] Stateful JoinPoints

Hi David -

The way to make your request compelling would be to write two programs, one using inheritance as you proposed and one using the join point signature as a key to a Map, describe the limitations each would impose on an implementation, and show that the first is much better than the second. You might also consider whether it's StaticPart or {Code}Signature that you want to subtype.

Thanks -

David J. Pearce wrote:
Eric Eide wrote:

"Eric" == Eric Eide <eeide@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Eric> Does AspectJ actually guarantee anything about the identity of
    Eric> the static part object?  (I don't know.)  [...]

Modulo AspectJ's guarantees about the handling of static part objects, maybe
you could accomplish your goal (adding fields to static part instances) by
writing aspects over the AspectJ runtime.

Hmmmm. intersting idea ... could this really work ???


Note that I haven't actually tried this --- but isn't this the just the kind of
thing that AspectJ is supposed to help you with :-)?


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