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[aspectj-dev] Changes to building of org.aspectj.ajde plugin....

As per the thread on ajdt-dev we're beginning the restructure of AJDT. Part of that is to cleanly split the packaging of artefacts produced by the aspectj build, from the sources that comprise AJDT itself. One key change is that the packaging of aspectj artefacts is now done by the aspectj build itself.

There is a new module: org.aspectj/modules/eclipse.plugins. This contains the simple plugin.xml files needed to package up the aspectj libraries for consumption by Eclipse. The AspectJ build itself is now responsible for producing three plugins, which can be used in Eclipse as-is, and will also be consumed by AJDT:

org.aspectj,ajde - this plugin contains the aspectjrt and aspectjtools jars.
org.aspectj.ajde.doc - this plugin contains all of the aspectj doc (we split the doc that was all in AJDT into this aspectj plugin that has the aj docs, and a separate one provided by the AJDT project that adds the AJDT user guide). (So the doc will always be up to date with the latest changes).
org.aspectj.ajde.source - this plugin contains the source zips that eclipse needs to look inside (and debug) the library jars provided by org.aspectj.ajde. (Will make life much easier for stepping through AJDT source and into ajde libraries.

The built plugins are all placed in: aj-build/dist/ide/eclipse in both expanded and zipped forms. For DEVELOPMENT builds, the plugin version numbers will be 9.9.9, for a release build, the plugins will have the same version number as the AspectJ release.

From a cruise control perspective, AJDT will pick up the plugins produced by the AspectJ build and use them to create the AJDT feature. We won't ship the source by default, instead we'll create two features for the update site - a binary feature as we have today and an optional source feature that those who want the source can download and install. The source feature will contain both the AspectJ and AJDT source plugins.

-- Adrian