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RE: [aspectj-dev] Post 1.1.0...

Sounds good to me.  


I'm still shocked by the fact that compiles feel incremental :)

Even though I'm jumping in it so late in the game, it feels good to be back
in the 1.1 saddle.


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> Thanks to all who helped make the 1.1.0 AspectJ release happen.  We now
> have the opportunity to start thinking about future releases.
> I want us to treat the 1.1.x branch as a maintenance branch in the same
> way as these point releases are treated by eclipse.  This means that we
> still have strict change rules; no change to production code unless fixing
> a documented P1 or P2 bug.  Changes to improve the coverage of the test
> code are always welcome.  As the owner of the AJDE component, Mik should
> decide which of his recently discovered issues count as P1 or P2 bugs
> (with as much discussion on this list as needed).  I hope that we'll
> release 1.1.1 about a month from now with simultaneous releases of
> JBuilder, NetBeans, emacs and eclipse plugins.
> In a couple of weeks, we can start planning for the next major release of
> AspectJ.  This will probably require creating a 1.1.x maintenance branch
> in the cvs tree and using the main branch to work on 1.2.
> -Jim
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