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[aspectj-dev] Post 1.1.0...

Thanks to all who helped make the 1.1.0 AspectJ release happen.  We now have the opportunity to start thinking about future releases.

I want us to treat the 1.1.x branch as a maintenance branch in the same way as these point releases are treated by eclipse.  This means that we still have strict change rules; no change to production code unless fixing a documented P1 or P2 bug.  Changes to improve the coverage of the test code are always welcome.  As the owner of the AJDE component, Mik should decide which of his recently discovered issues count as P1 or P2 bugs (with as much discussion on this list as needed).  I hope that we'll release 1.1.1 about a month from now with simultaneous releases of JBuilder, NetBeans, emacs and eclipse plugins.

In a couple of weeks, we can start planning for the next major release of AspectJ.  This will probably require creating a 1.1.x maintenance branch in the cvs tree and using the main branch to work on 1.2.