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[aperi-dev] Project mentor

Greetings Aperi developers. Sorry... one more thing (then, I'll stop bothering you for a while).

Does the Aperi project have an Eclipse Architecture Council mentor assigned?

Okay... two more things...
I see COSMOS as the lead Eclipse management project for management software and maybe someday Aperi would fit as a subproject under it. Please advise if you think there
would be a better fit within Eclipse for Aperi.
FYI, I intend to spend some time exploring this option. It probably won't be until I get to reviewing COSMOS in a couple of weeks. By my estimation, COSMOS has been around for about two years; IMHO, it's getting close to time for it to graduate out of the Technology project. I don't think that we need to move the project immediately, but I do want to start formulating some kind of plan for moving it.

FWIW, the Technology Project landing page states:

"Projects under the Eclipse Technology Project have limited lifecycles. Unlike the other top-level Projects, the Technology Projects are meant to be technology explorations or incubators. When these projects have explored, proved, or disproved their associated technologies, the project comes to its natural end <http://www.eclipse.org/technology/archived.php>. For some projects, this end is a paper publishing the research results; for others, this end is to be incorporated into the base technology of another top-level project."