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[aperi-dev] Reminder -- Calling all Client Developers!!! SNIA is asking for our help...

This is a reminder that the management application TWG within SNIA has asked for client developers to provide general feedback on the SMI-S specification.  We only have 4 days left to provide input, so please take a moment and either comment directly in the ballot or send me a note and I'll get it in there.  It's an open-ended invitation, so anything you can think of that has bugged you in the past is fair game -- interfaces that didn't do what you wanted, badly worded or vaguely defined profiles, etc.

To put your entry into the ballot directly, you'll need to be a member of the management application TWG within SNIA.  You can use this link to access it:


And here's a link to the publically available specifications:



Martine Wedlake, Ph.D.
SMI-S/CIM Storage and Aperi Architect
T/L 775-3072 or (503) 578-3072