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RE: [aperi-dev] Aperi Production Ready Task Force Meeting CANCELLEDtoday

I will look at the ECS priotities relative to the presentation from Aperi PRTF and use this as the first pass at SNIA/SMI priorities that I think wil also be of interest to the Aperi volunteers. The details of our post ECS plan have not been finalized yet (one more meeting next week), but I think I can give a pretty good idea  of priorities next week. 
Many many thanks!

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Subject: [aperi-dev] Aperi Production Ready Task Force Meeting CANCELLEDtoday

Our main agenda item is to priorities our list of activities to help SNIA.  Since I'll be at the SNIA symposium next week, I'll try to get some time with Paul (and co) to get their feedback.  To have a meeting today wouldn't be that effective as our priorities might change next week anyway.

We will meet at the next regularly scheduled slot (2 weeks).


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