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[aperi-dev] Fw: [aperi-news] Aperi LinuxWorld speaking opportunity

Posting from Allen Marin...

Cheers,   Tom
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----- Forwarded by Tom Guinane/San Jose/IBM on 07/23/2007 08:22 AM -----

Hello all,

In addition to staffing the Eclipse booth at LinuxWorld, Eclipse is offering Aperi a speaking opportunity. If you will be at LinuxWorld or in the SF Bay Area during the week of August 6 and would like to help with this, please let me know. I'll set up a call and make arrangements with Eclipse on preparations. Below I've attached the invitation to submit for a speaking slot from the conference organizers for more details.

In an unconference-style open discussion,

LinuxWorld.com contributors, open source developers,

and IT security and administration professionals

will be available to help our attendees with advice

on software selection, configuration, hardware

and bandwidth requirements, and the unpredictable

human elements that make an IT project succeed or

fail. The final schedule will be set on the fly,

based on speaker availability and audience interest.

Check the schedule board in the Expo area for speaker

names, times, and subjects.

If you'd like to participate, please mail me with

a short bio and a list of subjects you'd like to

talk about.  In the weeks remaining before the show,

we'll develop a working schedule on a wiki.

Yes, you'll be able to do short intro talks, and yes,

a projector and PA will be available.

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