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[aperi-dev] Apache Jasper Link is not Working in Aperi Storage Management Installation Instruction


I am Dhiwakar Mani.

I tried to install Aperi according to the installation instruction given in Aperi website.

But i found out that Apache Jasper link is not working in Aperi Storage Management Installation Instruction.

Download org.apache.jasper_5.5.17.v200701082340.jar.
1. Go to http://download.eclipse.org/tools/orbit/downloads/drops/S200702082257/bundles/org.apache.jasper_5.5.17.v200701082340.jar.
2. Save the file locally.
3. If the file has a .zip extension, rename it to .jar
4. Copy org.apache.jasper_5.5.17.v200701082340.jar to [aperi_install_dir]\plugins\.

Thank You.
Dhiwakar Mani.