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Re: [aperi-dev] Support the Self-Contained NAS Profile (reporting only) design document

Hi Rodica, I had reviewed "Support the Self-Contained NAS Profile (reporting only)" design document. In the doc, you had the following note,

Note: Allowing simultaneous usage of Data Agent and SMI-S Agent for the same NAS device will
complicate very much the implementation: correlation issue, entities removal, reports generation.
We can consider a partial solution which allow, for each device, only one type of probe. For
example, if the device has already been probed as SMI-S storage subsystem and now someone
is trying to probe it through a Data Agent, the probe will be rejected (device already probed
through a different method). This simplification would make the implementation much easier and
would avoid the complications mentioned above, but in the same time would prevent the system
to make use of the features that are specific to only one agent.

It is not clear to me whether your final implementation will allow probes to both Data agent & SMI-S agent for the same self-contained NAS profile device simultaneous?

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[aperi-dev] Support the Self-Contained NAS Profile (reporting only) design document


I have placed the "Support the Self-Contained NAS Profile (reporting only)" design document in the wiki at http://wiki.eclipse.org/Aperi/architecture for review.

Thank you,
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