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[alf-dev] Build Meeting Minutes

Title: Build Meeting Minutes

Items Discussed

1. Determined that there should be a "Build Workspace" that corresponds to the "SCM  Workspace".
The Build Workspace would be identified by a Project + Identifier.  For example,  Project: Hello World
+ "Version 1".

2. Under a Build Workspace there would be 0 - N, Build Configurations.  A Build Configuration is a
pre-defined way the Build will run.

3. A Build Configuration would contain 0-N, Build Properties.  A Build Property is an option to the Build Engine.

ALF Vocabulary Build Properties

a. Target - item to be built, ie.  helloworld.jar
b. clean - remove all Targets and Intermediate Targets in the Workspace
c. all - represents all Targets
d. force full build - indicate to the Build Engine to build regardless of timestamp or versions.
e. debug - indicate to the Build Engine to perform a build using debug compile options
f. release - indicate to the Build Engine to perform a build using release compile options
g. BuildAsVersion - version of the target to create, ie.  helloworld-1.4.3.jar where 1.4.3 is the BuildAsVersion.
h. BuildLabel - label used to indicate the Build or SCM label, ie. "Nightly Build"
i. BuildNumber - number of the build, ie Build 327

The next conf call, is  Wed 8/16 - 1:30PM PDT.
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Thanks, Steve

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