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Re: [technology-pmc] Re: [albireo-dev] Albireo Project Status

SWT or Platform UI was envisioned as a possible endpoint during the proposal phase. It depends on at least two things:

1) Significant adoption
2) Good implementations for all platforms

We haven't achieved either yet, and I don't think we can target a specific timeframe.

Also, there is a fairly high maintenance burden with code like this and it requires some degree of Swing knowledge. So I imagine the case for moving into SWT/Platform UI has to be a very strong one before it would be considered worthwhile.

Wayne Beaton wrote:
As a naive outsider looking in, it seems to me that the natural path for
this project is for it to get assumed by the SWT project. Is this
off-base? Is there any plan to take it in that direction? Timeframe?


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