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[ajdt-dev] Simple changes in java source file causes re-compilation of all dependent files?

Hi there,

I'm currently using Eclipse 3.6.2 with AJDT 2.1.2 and CTW, with incremental
compilation turned on. There are a couple of aspects advising the java
sources as well as some third party aspects (primarily those from

I'm noticing in AJDT event trace view that when I change and save some
java source files (not the aspect source files), it first compiles the
changed file, then it proceed to recompile all source files that
import the changed file. Then it recompiles files that are dependent
on the recompiled files, so on and so forth. For some other source
files, It doesn't seem to do this as it only recompiles the saved

AJDT event trace reports successful incremental build - it compiles
the single changed file, then it hits "Examining whether any other
files now need compilation based on just compiling: <changed file>"
and proceed to report that it needs to recompile all the files that
reference the changed file. It then does this for 4 more iterations.

Why is that? Why does it need to recompile all dependent source files
when all I've changed is a whitespace or comment? Please note that I
am not changing the aspects or pointcuts here at all. What am I

Because of this behavior, merely adding a whitespace or changing
comment causes a wait time for build, which is a behavior not present
with JDT projects.

Thanks so much for your help.