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Re: [ajdt-dev] Eclipse 3.3 and latest AJDT

That build is for M6 only. There is no build for M7 yet - I'm working on it.

On 10/05/07, Alexandru Popescu â <the.mindstorm.mailinglist@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have installed last night the last Eclipse milestone 3.3M7 and also
the latest AJDT plugin: ajdt_1.5.0.200705090533_archive.zip

When opening a java file a popup informed me that the expected Eclipse
version was not met and that the plugin will probably not work
correctly. The expected version specified was 3.2.

Is this something I have done wrong (most of my plugins are loaded
with the .link trick)? Or is it an issue with the last AJDT build?


.w( the_mindstorm )p.
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