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Login to the My Foundation Portal

What is the MyFoundation Portal?

The portal provides a convenient single page summary of your relationship with the Eclipse Foundation such as your contact address, phone, and email as well as your role in ecosystem, conferencs and/or projects. The portal also provides an easy interface to relevant processes and workflows including nominating and electing new committers, scheduling project reviews, proposing talks, and so on.

MyFoundation Portal for Members and Committers.

Currently the portal committer tools are available for only Eclipse Members and Eclipse Committers. Members are members of the Eclipse Foundation; Committers are developers on the Eclipse Projects who have been elected to committer status by their peers. For information on becoming an Eclipse Member, please see the Membership web pages.

What is available on the MyFoundation Portal?

The complete set of portal use-cases is open and transparent and available to everyone (i.e., not just Members and Committers; everyone - including you).

Each portal process includes open and transparent documentation of the entire process. For example, consider the complete committer nomination and election process: the documentation explains the roles and responsibilities of each participant (the candidate, the voters, the PMC, the EMO, etc.) This openness and transparency, plus the 24x7 availability of the MyFoundation portal are some of the main benefits of the portal.

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