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[rt-pmc] [CQ 13106] assertj-core 3.6.2


Genie Eclipse <genie@xxxxxxxxxxx> changed:

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--- Comment #4 from Genie Eclipse <genie@xxxxxxxxxxx>  2017-04-01 05:30:03 ---
This CQ is awaiting source code. Please attach it to this CQ at your earliest

Important: Your attachment must not contain nested ZIP, JAR, TAR or any other
type of compressed files.  Please remove nested ZIP files if they are not
required prior to submitting the attachment, or unzip the contents and delete
the nested ZIP file.  Content originating from another package (ZIPs, JARs or
other) are to be removed and requested via a separate CQ.

Please only attach source that is required for the binary distribution.  Items
that do not ship or do not build into binaries are not to be included in the
source attachment.  Typical exclusions are tests, docs, and examples which are
not included in the jar that is shipped.

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