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Re: [rt-pmc] Runtime platforms on the eclipse download page

I thought about using popularity but measurement is difficult. Also, is a project popular because it is on the main download page.


For vert.x, as I mentioned in the initial email, at this time they donât have a download page that only include Eclipse IP approved downloads.


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My vote would go to populate the space purely by popularity. I do admit that this is hard to measure. 


Ian, do you know why Vert.x hasn't been included in the list? I'd expect it to be more popular than Equinox. Looking at Google Trends it seems to confirm that.




On 22 Jun 2016, at 23:15, Ian Skerrett <ian.skerrett@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:



The Eclipse Foundation has launch a new eclipse.org/download page. The intent of the new design is to showcase a more diverse Eclipse community.  

One major component of the new design is a runtime platform section. The intent of this section is to showcase Eclipse projects that are runtime containers. We unfortunately can't showcase all of our runtime projects, just like we canât include all of our Eclipse projects on one page.

The current page is showing 4 projects: Jetty, Equinox, Concierge and RAP. I would like to get the RT PMC support/guidance on adding or removing projects from this section.  Here is the criteria we would like to use:


A runtime project will be included on the download page based on the following:

1) Project includes a runtime container for running applications.

4) Project is following the EDP, including Eclipse IP processes

5) Project has a download page that only includes links to Eclipse technology

6) The project PMC supports and verifies the project meets the criteria for inclusion the eclipse.org/downloads page.


Two other projects have been under consideration:

-        ECF has requested to be added to the page. It was not added initially since I thought it was based on an OSGi container. Scott has pointed out this is not correct. https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=493809#c83

-        Vert.x was removed since they donât have a download page that only includes Eclipse technology that has gone through the IP process.


I have two requests for the RT-PMC to consider:

1)      Can you confirm the 4 projects on the current download page conform to the criteria. My belief this is true.

2)      Can you confirm your agreement that ECF should be added.


FWIW, for ongoing new requests I would like to follow this same process.









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