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[recommenders-dev] Feedback on Shaping the Roadmap of Code Recommenders in 2018

Dear recommenders-dev,

Back in August, we asked our users for their feedback on two potential ideas we'd like to pursue in 2018:

1. Taking Eclipse Code Search to the Web, and
2. Creating an AI-powered Bug Detection that can find bugs other bug detection tools can't see.

Since then we received approximately 100 responses and I'd like to thank everybody for sharing their thoughts with us!
It helped us tremendously to make our decision for Eclipse Photon.

To make a long story short, we decided to further pursue the idea of AI-powered bug detection and put our work on code search on hold.

I'm also glad to announce the availability of the first prototype of the AI-powered Bug Detector today!

For the time being, it's based on FindBugs/SpotBugs and offers support for Eclipse APIs only. 
But we'd be glad if you could give this prototype a spin and let us know what you think (about the integration into FindBugs, whether the prototype already works for you, what's missing etc.)

A guide how to install the AI-powered Bug Detector into Eclipse is available here.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it!

Kind regards,
Marcel Bruch