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Re: [recommenders-dev] Evaluation of a Prototype Identifying Unnecessary Code

Hi guys,

As one of the few persons who knows the packages in suggestion #2, they are needed but also (I suppose) a good example of when the metric "decentral and stable" fails, that is in simple helper classes. Two of those (UnionFind and BidirectionalMap) are used just in one or two other classes for a specific algorithm, while the third (ArrayUtils) is a bunch of static helper functions, some of which are also only used a few times, if memory serves.


Am 10.02.2017 um 16:52 schrieb Roman Haas:
Dear Recommenders developers,

you are working on an amazing project and I am sure you are investing a lot of time to keep it up and running!

I am researching in the field of software maintenance and I implemented a tool to identify unnecessary code in code bases using a static code analysis. The aim of my work is to support developers like you in deleting parts of the system that are not needed anymore, resulting in less wasted maintenance time due to maintaining irrelevant code. The hypothesis of my work is that stable and decentral classes are good candidates for unnecessary code and could be taken care of in a future clean-up of the software system.

I evaluated my work on the history of some open source systems and the results are promising. Nevertheless, I would like to extend my evaluation using the feedback of developers. It would be great if you could help me with your expert knowledge about your system.

Using my tool, I generated some candidates for unnecessary code for your software system, i.e. classes or even whole packages that may be unnecessary and therefore could be deleted. Unfortunately, I am not able to classify whether the recommendations are helpful. You could help me a lot by taking a look at the suggestions (I generated ten of them for you) and answering one simple question for each of them ("Do you consider the suggested file(s) or package(s) as unnecessary?"). I estimate that you do not need to invest more than 10-15 minutes into this evaluation. In addition, I hope that the 10-15 minutes also pay off for you when my work supports you in maintaining and maybe even cleaning up your project.

In the attachment, you find a file that lists ten suggestions for unnecessary code in your code base. Each suggestion consists of one or more files or packages; if there are several elements they are part of the same package. Please use the link to the evaluation form in the attached file to provide your feedback.

Please do not hesitate to ask me if there are any questions regarding my research, the prototype in general or the suggestions for your project.

I am looking forward to your feedback! Thank you very much for your help and interest in my work.

Best regards,

Roman Haas
Master's Student at the Technical University of Munich

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