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Re: [recommenders-dev] Mapping ProposalKind to CompletionEvent

Hello Timur,

> it is possible to find the corresponding CompletionEvent to a ProposalKind?
> Code
> example: StatisticsPreferencePage#appendNumberOfCompletionsByCompletionKind
> At line 246 I have only the ProposalKind and need the corresponding
> CompletionEvent. 

Please tell us what you are trying to accomplish. What should this
mapping be used for? Often we can give you a better answer if we know
what you are really trying to accomplish.

As far as your original question goes: No, you cannot map from the
ProposalKind enum to a concrete CompletionEvent; after all, there is a
1-to-n relation ship between ProposalKind and CompletionEvents. In fact,
it's very likely that, say, multiple CompletioEvents have a kind of

Hope this helps.

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