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[pdt-dev] about resolving binding when parsing php code


I am using eclipse pdt to parse php code. I have a question regarding binding.

I resolved the binding for all most all method/function invocations. So I could get for majority of method/function calls, the type (for method invocation) or file (for function invocation) in which the method/function was declared.

I want to know how much the result is accurate?

When opening a php project in eclipse, there are cases where for a function call, eclipse poposes more than one candidate for the actual function decraration (using shortcut keys in eclipse (ctrl+space) to navigate to method/function declaration).

So could it be true that when resolving binding useing eclipse, in cases where there are more than one candidates, eclipse returns the first one as a possible binding?

I could not provide example because you need an actual project, but to see what I mean, I attached an image to explain better:

As you see in the image, for the function call "add_action" in file "plugin.php", eclipse proposes three canddiates (one in the same file and two in files script.php and style.php). However when I resolve binding when parsing the same code, I have only one candiate and it is the add_action function in file "plugin.php" (the first one in the list).

So the question is: can I trust the resolve binding in eclipse and be sure that the actual function is indeed in file plugin.php or eclipse simply retured me the first in the list?