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[pdt-dev] Re: Can't view build logs - the link doesn't work


The log has a pretty obvious error in it:

     [exec] Result: 1
     [echo] original:  ${originalAttribs}
     [echo] polled:  WARNING: Your password has expired.
     [echo] Password change required but no TTY available.

Log into the portal and reset your @dev.eclipse.org password. Or the password for the user that's running the signing step, anyway.


Michael Spector wrote:
It doesn't work either :)

On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 4:37 PM, Nick Boldt <nickboldt@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
That's not the link for the log, it's for calculating status.

On 3/9/09, Michael Spector <spektom@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Nick,

The build log link doesn't work:


I get the following error:

Notice: Undefined index: top in
/var/www/html/modeling/build/checkBuildStatus.php on line 51

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by
(output started at
/var/www/html/modeling/build/checkBuildStatus.php:51) in
/var/www/html/modeling/build/checkBuildStatus.php on line 74
Must specify parent project, top project, sub project (component),
version, and buildID:

Any idea how to fix it?


Best regards,

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