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[incubation] Welcome to the incubation list


New committers that come to Eclipse (and its Working Groups) are faced
with process they are unfamiliar with. To help them, we've created this
incubation@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list as a channel to ask questions and
get answers from the pros.

We expect this list to be relatively low in volume, but high in value.

All the current Project Mentors from the Architecture Council, select
Eclipse Foundation staff, as well as committers currently part of a
project in Incubation Phase have been subscribed as a one-time
convenience. Webmaster will auto-subscribe all new committers as they
are welcomed to their projects.

Experienced committers who wish to not participate here can unsubscribe
using the link below:

We do, however, encourage everyone to stay and help answer questions as
they arise. We also encourage experienced committers to refer to this
list for incubation- and process-related questions, as the answers will
likely benefit many.

Like all our mailing lists, public, searchable archives are located here:

We hope this list helps new projects get going quickly and painlessly.
Please don't hesitate to use it!