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Re: [ide-dev] JDT rants

IIRC the automatic insertion of * in open type was suggested a while ago to JDT UI.Â

We used to also force the user to do that in the past in lots in places in pde and platform but changed that. A fix for that in PDE was actually my first patch ever.

Would be great if JDT could fix that.ÂI also hate typing it.Â

Am 15.02.2018 22:40 schrieb "Brian de Alwis" <briandealwis@xxxxxxxxx>:
On 14-Feb-2018, at 10:21 AM, Carsten Reckord <reckord@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
*Variable inspection*
Iâve never seen the problem heâs describing and am pretty happy with both the Variables view and Ctrl+Shift+I for inspecting variables and expressions in the code editor.

I've been having this problem for a while but haven't been able to dig into it and so didn't report it. Filed bug 531236 against JDT/Debug.



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