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Re: [ide-dev] a "Preview" view anywhere in Eclipse IDE?


On 04/05/2017 10:44, Mickael Istria wrote:
I have Wikitext installed but don't see a view that seems like a "Preview" (only the wikitext editor has a preview tab). Am I missing something?
When editing a *.textile source the editor offers two tabs
- Textile Source - editable textile markup
- Preview - readonly rendered HTML

It is irritating when using the Preview to check the trxt that it is necessary to locate the equivalent typo in the Textile Source window before a correction can be made. Much easier if the Preview was editable too.

The Preview Tab is the Wikitext-only solution. You are touting a more general use case. I offer you the Wikitext scenario as one that your more general use case could do better and re-usably.

Sure you can dismiss preview editing as editing not viewing, but you just create yet another screen area full of useful text that the user cannot do anything with other than screen shot. Often not even "cut" to an Bugzilla.

Strangely Wikitext's Preview offers a"Copy", greyed out "Cut", "Paste" and a "Ctrl-V" that corrupts.


        Ed Willink

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