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[handly-dev] Handly 0.4 : Focus on API quality

Greetings handly-dev,
API quality is going to be a very important theme for the 0.4 release. The goal is to attempt to finalize the *core* Handly APIs within the 0.5 time frame (Eclipse Neon). To accomplish that, we should try to get the necessary API changes into the 0.4 release, in order to allow sufficient time for community feedback (and further changes, if necessary).
Here is a tentative (most probably incomplete) list of enhacement requests related to API quality:
Necessarily, this work will result in some breaking changes (hopefully for better than for worse). Therefore, I wanted to inform everyone about the scope of ensuing changes sooner rather than later. Please feel free to comment on these bugs or add yourself to CC list to stay up-to-date with ongoing development. It is also a good opportunity to raise concerns if there is something you strongly disagree with, or submit additional requests regarding API. I will try to keep you informed via this list as we're approaching the goal of better API quality.
Thanks and best regards,