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Re: [ecf-dev] org.xbill.dns

Hi Cristiano,

On 6/6/2017 7:31 PM, Cristiano GaviÃo wrote:
Ok, I found it : org.eclipse.ecf.provider.dnssd

I would like to know more. There are any example, tutorial or wiki about it ?

Unfortunately I don't think so. Markus Kuppe was/is the original author of the dnssd provider and he would know more about tutorials or other examples. There is test code here:


I can tell you that the dnssd provider implements the ECF discovery API (org.eclipse.ecf.discovery), and so should work with remote services discovery...and any other apps that use the use the ecf.discovery API.

Btw, I was not able to find it on maven central as others bundles from ECF. it was not published ?

No, not for this release. Markus is not currently available to support, it is getting some bit rot from using org.xbill.dns to implement the protocol, and as you've discovered there's not much example/docs about using it...so it's even harder to support under those conditions.

The bundles are available via the p2 repo for latest ECF: http://download.eclipse.org/rt/ecf/latest/site.p2 and the provider consists of the two bundles: org.eclipse.ecf.provider.dnssd and org.xbill.dns.

If you and/or others are willing to update it and/or help document and support it, I would be most willing to add it to the maven central set for future ECF release.